Rental Agreement

Responsibility of Use and Disclaimer of Warranties

You are responsible for the use of rented items. You assume all risks inherent to the operation and use of all rented items, and agree to assume the entire responsibility for the defence of, and to pay, indemnity and hold Bella Balloons harmless from and hereby release Bella Balloons from any and all claims for damage to property or bodily injury, including death, resulting from the use, operation or possession of the items, whether or not it be claimed or found that such damage or injury resulted in the whole or part from Bella Balloons’ negligence, from the defective conditions of the items OR any other cause. YOU AGREE THAT NO WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE HAVE BEEN MADE IN CONNECTION WITH THE EQUIPMENT RENTED.

Indemnification and Defence

Renter agrees that if any legal proceedings are brought against Bella Balloons to recover compensation for injuries to individuals or damages to personal property occurring in connection with the event, the renter will provide a defence for Bella Balloons and any of its employees named in such proceedings and will indemnify Bella Balloons and its employees for any judgement rendered against them.

Hold Harmless Agreement

Renter agrees and assumes all risks, and agrees to hold Bella Balloons and any of its staff harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, and damage, and all costs and expenses arising directly and indirectly at of or relating to; The delivery, loading, unloading, erection, installation, dismantling, and use of rented equipment. Contact of underground utilities, pipes, or any condition on renter’s property. All necessary surface repairs. Any injury or damage during use of rented equipment including inflatables and interactive.

Final Payment

Once payment is made, renter agrees to the terms and conditions herein.

Missing and/or Damaged Items

Shortage MUST be reported prior to the event or the invoice quantities will be considered received. Missing or damaged items will be charged to the credit at replacement cost. A detailed invoice of these items will be provided to the client

Equipment Failure

You agree to immediately discontinue the use of rented items should it at any time become unsafe or in a state of disrepair, and will immediately (one hour or less) notify Bella Balloons of the facts. Bella Balloons agrees at our discretion to make the items operable within a reasonable time, or provide a like item if available, or make like item available at another time, or adjust rental charges. The provision does not relieve renter from obligations of contract. In all events Bella Balloons shall not be responsible for injury, damage, personal loss or death resulting from failure or defect of rented items.

Equipment / Items

Responsibility Renter is responsible for all items from the time of possession to the time of return. Renter assumes the entire risk of loss, regardless of cause. If items are lost, stolen, damaged, renter will assume all costs of replacement or repair, including all labour costs.

Site Preparation

Renter agrees to have site clean and ready for delivery and installation or dismantled for pickup of equipment, and also agrees to pay an additional charge for any delay incurred along with labour charges resulting in renters’ failure to do so.

Use of Equipment

Renter agrees and covenants’ to be satisfied with the instruction and condition of equipment rented and of the proper and safe use of equipment, or that the renter is so familiar and conveyed to Bella Balloons that you were. Renter further agrees that the items will be used only at the address listed on the contract, and only for the purpose for which it was intended and manufactured. Subleasing or improper use is prohibited. Renter agrees that they have read all instruction manuals, operating instructions and warnings related to all rented items. Renter has been given full and ample opportunity to inspect all rented items and find no damage. As a result, misuse or improper operation of equipment which results in any injury, damage, personal loss or death as a result of renter or renter’s guests misuse or negligence is not the responsibility of Bella Balloons.